Our practice is committed to providing you with the highest quality and best service in dental care. No matter your current dental health or length of time since you were last able visit to the dentist, we can take care of you.  In order to do so, we pride ourselves on adhering to the following values:

Creating a Happy, Healthy Patient

First and foremost, we are focused on you and listening to your needs.  Dr. Robert Carlisle understands that your overall health, how you look, and your confidence starts with a healthy mouth. The thought of going to the dentist is often unpleasant for people, but we take great care in being the office that changes those ideas. Whether it is fear of cost, discomfort, or embarassment, we can alleviate your concerns. The combined dental experience of our staff is over 120 years! Our years of education and experience have given us the training and knowledge to work at the highest level. This training, when combined with our focus and attention to detail, enables us to provide the best possible treatment for our patients.

Delivering results

The type of appointment you are seeking at our office does not matter when it comes to results. Whether it is preventative or restorative, we want to make sure that you are fully informed about your treatment, agree with our plan, and fully satisfied with the outcome. Listening to your symptoms and concerns is the first step in achieving the best results. We know that we can do our job only when our patients feel comfortable with us and our services.

Staying Informed

When choosing a dentist in Benton, it is important to make sure they stay current with new procedures and information in the dental industry as well as the medical industry. Many health conditions and the medicines used for their treatment affect your teeth and supporting tissues. 

Our dentist and hygienists stay up to date by attending lectures, conferences, and reading industry literature. This helps us provide our patients with information and treatment options specific to their needs. 

Our staff keeps CPR and emergency training current so you can feel safe when in our care.