Your teeth can become discolored or stained for a variety of reasons, most are reversible.  Each person's enamel is different in color and density and some types are slower to change color than others. The frequency that the whitening agent is applied and the frequency of intake of dark substances determines the outcome of the bleaching process.  Some sensitivity can arise when whitening, but it is usually temporary and easy to remedy.

Teeth whitening methods

We offer two teeth whitening options, both are controlled at home by the patient and very affordable. One system is Sheer White, strips that are designed to remain on the teeth while you sleep or as little as an hour, the preference is yours. A box has 10 powerful strips and costs less than common OTC strips and provides excellent results. This has become the most popular method at our office.

The second method, involves the use of custom made trays for you to wear as directed after you've applied the whitening gel in the trays. Wear the trays for 1=2 hours at the end of the night and brush after removing, You shouldn't have anything to eat or drink for at least an hour after each bleaching session.  

The White and Brite system includes custom made trays with 6 syringes of gel. Individual or sets of 6 syringes can be purchased separately if more is required later on. This too provides excellent results. 

Its best to consult your dentist to understand which whitening option is best for you and how to use.